Patlan, Y
Kitaêznavčì doslìdžennâ 2015, 1-2:144-159
Section: Chinese language and literature
Language: Ukrainian

The paper for the first time provides an overview and analysis of the most important Eroshenko’s storybooks published from 1962 until 2014. The reasons for using the Chinese translations made by Lu Xun for the publications of the Russian writer are explained. Using archive documents, we disclose the principles used by R.S. Belousov for the publication of "Eagle’s Heart", the first collection of V.Ya. Eroshenko’s works in Russian, and their influence on all subsequent publications of his texts. The analysis of the new collection, "The Book of Fairy Tales" (2014), which included re-translations from the translations of Lu Xun, is made. It is concluded that it should be better to publish Eroshenko’s works using the original texts in Japanese and Esperanto and preserving the structure of collections published in 1920s. When using Lu Xun translations, it is better to include commentaries and to analyze the features of his style and language, as well as his work as the composer and commentator of Eroshenko’s intravital works published in Chinese books.

Keywords: Lu Xun, R. S. Belousov, text, textology, translations, V. Ya. Eroshenko, “Eagle’s Heart”, “The Book of Fairy Tales”

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