The collected papers “Chinese studies” accepts articles in Ukrainian, Russian, English, Chinese. Authors are requested to submit their papers as e-mail attachment to the address of the editorial office of the collected papers:

The manuscript should be submitted in MS Word document with the extension *.rtf or *.doc. Manuscripts are reviewed anonymously and will not be returned.

The article should be accompanied by abstracts, followed by key words. The abstract should contain at least 270-300 words.

Contributors are requested to submit a separate page with the paper title, author’s full name, degree, affiliation, contact address, telephone numbers, e-mail.

License agreement on copyright transfer (contract form is available on the Journal website - Contract). The license agreement enters into force after the approval of the article for publishing. The signing of the license agreement by author(s) means that they are familiar and agree with the terms of the agreement.

Requirements for the illustrations:

All graphic files should be given separately from the text in the appropriate format, such as *.Jpg.

Guidelines for the list of references:

References should appear in the text in square brackets as follows: the author’s last name, year of publication (no comma before it) and, if necessary, pages, i.e. [Michalak-Pikulska 2002, 66]. Initials are provided after the last name only if when the article refers to several authors with the same name. If two or more works are referred to, they are presented in chronological order, separated by semicolons, e.g. [Carter 2013, 9; Heisig 2001, 5]. If the reference is to the collective volume, encyclopedia, dictionary, etc., the incipit of the title is provided: [Manzil ... 2013]. Text endnotes are given at the end of the article, before the bibliography.

The References are listed in full at the end of the article, titled REFERENCES. It should be typed double-spaced. at the end of the article, in alphabetical order. The list is double-spaced. The Harvard style should be followed (except where frequently-used sources are abbreviated: in this case, a full list of abbreviations should precede the bibliography).

Transliteration of foreign words is given in Latin letters with appropriate diacritical marks. Proper names and titles should be based on the traditional spelling.